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Coin Master Rare Cards Worth – Cards in Coin Master are divided into three parts. First, come the cards that are easy to find. The second comes with wear cards which are not easily available. Those who have to chest buy to get them. Otherwise, you have to take the help of others. Also, sometimes you have to trade for these rare cards but do you know the value of these rare cards?

If not, then no problem, we will know about it in the next post. Also at number three comes the Golden Cards which are available only by buying chests, playing Viking, and taking Joker cards.

What are Coin Master Rare Cards?

Rare cards are such cards. Those who do not come out even after doing chest buy. These cards have to be drawn in the Boom Village itself. If you do not know about Boom Village then click on this link.

Rare cards are very difficult to obtain. You also buy a lot of chests for this card but there is not much benefit.

Due to being rare, no one even gives such a card for free. In such a situation the only option left is to trade the card. You can use Facebook to trade cards. There are many Coin Master’s card trading groups on Facebook that you can join and trade your card.

Below is a list of rare cards that you can use to trade your rare cards correctly. The value of rare cards keeps on increasing and decreasing. Use this list to place trades that make good profits for both sides. If you need the Golden Card you can check out Viking Quest’s post.

Coin Master Rare Cards Value List

The list below has been updated a few days back. The value of the cards keeps on decreasing. If you have any idea about the value of other rare cards then do comment below.

Cards NameCards RarityCards  Value
CrusaderHigh Level Rare5 Lettuce
Cosmic CarlHigh Level Rare4 Lettuce
Model ZHigh Level Rare4 Lettuce
Captain NashHigh Level Rare4 Lettuce
BlizzHigh Level Rare2 Lettuce
Jolly JasperHigh Level Rare4 Lettuce
Haunted HarrietHigh Level Rare5 Lettuce
Spooky SimonHigh Level Rare4 Lettuce
SpikeHigh Level Rare2 Lettuce
The BeastHigh Level Rare2 Lettuce
Dante The DevoutHigh Level Rare2 Lettuce
Top KnutHigh Level Rare3 Lettuce
Pig KnightHigh Level Rare10 Lettuce
Knight GuardHigh Level Rare5 Lettuce
Lucky LanceHigh Level Rare5 Lettuce
Scotty SquireHigh Level Rare2 Lettuce
Archery CampHigh Level Rare10 Lettuce
Golden TrophyHigh Level Rare2 Lettuce
Camelot TentHigh Level Rare2 Lettuce
CatnessHigh Level Rare6 Lettuce
BerlyHigh Level Rare5 Lettuce
PunkyHigh Level Rare4 Lettuce
HotrodHigh Level Rare10 Lettuce
Bar HopperHigh Level Rare5 Lettuce
Other Route 66High Level Rare1 Lettuce
Machine HeartMid-High Level Rare4 Lettuce
Little LucaMid-High Level Rare4 Lettuce
Dr. AshtearMid High Level Rare3 Lettuce
Stabilizer CoreMid-High Level Rare3 Lettuce
Amphibious AbeMid-High Level Rare1 Lettuce
Skull IslandMid-High Level Rare2 Lettuce
Dr WickedMid-High Level Rare3 Lettuce
MastermindMid-High Level Rare1 Lettuce
First PrizeMid-High Level Rare3 Lettuce
ToreroHigh Rare2 Lettuce
Painters PaletteHigh Rare2 Lettuce
Pop Art PoppaHigh Rare2 Lettuce
Mellow LisaHigh Rare2 Lettuce
Barrel TankHigh Rare2 Lettuce
Lenny The LeftyHigh Rare2 Lettuce
AndromedaHigh Rare2 Lettuce
ArmstrongHigh Rare2 Lettuce
Jovial JadeSemi High Rare1 Lettuce
Regal RichardSemi High Rare1 Lettuce
RapunzelSemi High Rare1 Lettuce
Silent ShrineSemi High Rare1 Lettuce
FondueSemi High Rare1 Lettuce
Robo BootSemi High Rare1 Lettuce
Marble ManSemi High Rare1 Lettuce
Darlin DollySemi High Rare1 Lettuce
Martin LettuceSemi High Rare3 Excalibur
Playful PanSpecial1 Santa
il DivinoSpecial1 Santa
Little LenyaSpecial1 Santa
Hobby HorseSpecial1 Santa
Blithe BrunoSpecial1 Santa
Elder ElkSpecial1 Santa
SatyrSpecial1 Santa
Mythical TuneSpecial1 Santa
Fire RingSpecial1 Santa
The SaloonSpecial1 Santa
ExcaliburSpecial1 Santa
NessieRare1 Excalibur
Creaky CrowRare1 Excalibur
Smoking PipeRare1 Excalibur
KettleRare1 Excalibur
Farmer FengRare1 Excalibur
SantaRare1 Excalibur
Portly PeteRare1 Excalibur
Savvy SanchoRare1 Excalibur
Aztec PrincessLow Rare2 = 1 Excalibur
CleopatraLow Rare2 = 1 Excalibur
Flamur The FlutistLow Rare2 = 1 Excalibur
FridaLow Rare2 = 1 Excalibur
ChilitoLow Rare2 = 1 Excalibur
Jelly FishLow Rare4 = 1 Excalibur
Holy MonkLow Rare4 = 1 Excalibur
Fighting MonkLow Rare4 = 1 Excalibur
Mighty WizardLow Rare4 = 1 Excalibur

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Where to get Rare Cards?

The best way to get Rare Cards. Get help from your friends. Take the card you need from him and give him the card he needs. Share your cards. There is hardly any better option than this. For Rare Cards, people do not know how many chests are bought by them.

Use Facebook to get a Rare card or it is also a good way to get a Rare card. Join Facebook Group Some groups give free rare cards that you need. Instead, you have to give them other cards so that they help other people too.

If you think that any rare card has been missed from this list or if the value of the rare card is wrong, then please definitely write in the comment box. We will update it. If you have any information about the rare card, then definitely give your opinion.


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