Symbol Events In Coin Master – Big Win Trick List

Coin Master has been bringing a lot of events for its users. Symbol events are also one of them. Events with this symbol are long events that last for 3 to 4 days.

In this event, two to three points are given for bringing a single symbol, four to five points are given for bringing a double symbol, and 10 to 12 points are given for bringing three symbols. The name of such an event is Strawberry, Candy Stick. Completing this event gives you a lot of spins, coins, and XP.

In this post, I will give you complete information about this event. If there is any dought you must write in the comment box.

What is coin master all symbol events?

All Symbols Event is very easy to play as you know whether you bring a single double or triple symbol in this event. Different points are given to you for each. 2 to 3 points for a single, 5 to 6 points for a double, and 10 to 12 points for a triple.

In this event, the single symbol comes more, followed by the double symbol. The triple symbol is the least likely to appear. So you have to play this event diligently.

In the beginning, there are easy levels that are easily completed. It gets tough as you keep completing the level. You are given a lot of spins, coins, and XP in rewards, in this post I will tell you the right way to play this event as well as give some tips with the help of which you will make a good profit.

Coin Master Events Tricks

I will give 2 tips for playing this event, first for those who have more spins and second for those who have fewer spins. This trick doesn’t work 100% but if you play like this then you will make a profit.

The fast method is for those who have 5000 to 10000 spins or more. In the Coin Master game first, you have to feed Foxy with food so that he wakes up. You have to start with a minimum bet of 10x Always start from a low bed. As you know 3 symbol doesn’t come again and again it takes 30 to 40 spins to come. 

You spin 20 to 25 times on 10x. If 3 symbols fall between these spins. Then start counting again. If the 3 symbol does not appear then go to 20x and spin till the 3 symbol appears. After the three symbols appear, go back to 10X and play as you did last time. Never play high bets of 40, 80, or 100. You will lose spin.

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The second method is for those who have 1000 to 5000 spins. As you know, three symbols do not come, again and again, it takes 30 to 40 spins to come. First, you go to 5X and spin 20 times, then go to 10X and spin 20 times.

If a 3 symbol appears then start low bet 5x. If it doesn’t come then go to 20X until 3 symbol comes. Immediately after arrival go on the low bet as before. If you play like this, you will make a good profit.

If you have any tricks related to this event then definitely write in the comment box. So that other people can also get more benefits.


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