Coin Master Golden Cards

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Golden Cards In Coin Master

There are three types of cards found in Coin Master. The Golden Card is also one of them. First Normal card, Rare card in second and Golden card in third. The Golden Card is very different from these two as it cannot be traded like other cards without this card you cannot even complete your set. The golden card has a very important role to play in completing the card set. In this post, I will tell you 5 strategies to get the Golden Card.

Coin Master Golden Card

The Golden Card is a very unique card. The border of this card is of golden color. You can recognize it by looking at its golden color. The borders of other cards are of white color which are normal or rare. Can update normal card and wear card and send it to your friends. 

The Golden Card cannot be traded and you cannot send it to your friends. By the way, almost everyone has some golden card in any Card set. There are some sets which are all golden cards like Brazil, Darwin. In most sets there are 3 golden cards. How to get the Golden Card when it can’t be traded. So let me tell you how to get the golden card easily.

Screenshot From Coin Master

1. Buy Chests

This is the best way to get the Golden Card. The chances of getting a golden card from the chest are very high. For Golden Card you buy Magical Chest and Golden Chest. There is a hundred percent chance of getting a golden card from both of these chests, you can use the wooden chest for other cards. 

If you chest buy during the Card Boom event, you are awarded 50% extra cards as well as an increased chance of drawing a golden card. Be sure to keep the card boom event in mind whenever you buy a chest.

1. Magical Chest: – This is the most expensive chest in all chest. It draws 8 cards. In which 4 stars and 5 stars cards have more chances of getting out.

2. Golden Chest: – The cost of this chest is less than the magic chest but more than the wooden chest. 4 cards are drawn in this chest, with three stars and four stars having a higher chance of getting out.

3. Wooden Chest: – This is the cheapest chest, it has two cuts. In which there are more chances of getting cut with 2 stars and 3 stars.

2. Play Viking or Tribal Quest

There is a better way to get the Golden Card. In this you can get not one but 2 golden cards. Which your card set needs. If you want to get full information about Viking Quest Event, then definitely read this post. You get the first golden card at 6th level and the second golden card to you at 10th level. 

If you need at least 2 golden cards in your set, then only play Viking, otherwise the only golden card you have will be given. By the way, a lot of coins are needed to play Viking, play viking only after accumulating a lot of coins.

3. Gold Trade Event

An event of 2 cards of your choosing is selected for Coin Master. These golden cards can be new or old for you. During this event, you can trade the Golden Card with your friends or Facebook Coin Master Group. 

If the Gold Trade Event card is new to you, then you can exchange it for any other card by chatting with your friend or Facebook group, and if you have extras, you can give it to someone else in exchange for another card. If you want to know about card value then definitely read this post.

4. Play the Extra Rewards Tournament

Coin Master also runs tournaments for golden cards, in most tournaments you are given spins and coins, but sometimes golden cards are also given in rewards. the card you need. This tournament is very tough. Play this tournament wisely, if you want to know about this  Rewards Tournament then definitely read this post.

5. Win a Joker Card

With the help of Joker card you can take any card. the card you need. Whether that card is golden or rare. By the way, the Joker card can be removed by playing tournaments and from the Magical Chest. If you really want to win Joker card then definitely read this post.

If you have any tips and tricks related to golden card then definitely write in comment box so that other coin master lover can get benefit.


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