Boom Village

Boom Village is one of the selected villages of Coin Master where Rare and Golden are more likely to come out. Coin Master does not specify in which village the Rare and Golden Cards will be generated. In this post, I will tell you about Boom Villages and will also give you a list of Villages.

When you have coins, you spend them by making chests or villages. In each village, you can buy all kinds of chests. Some cards are normal that are drawn too quickly and too much. Some cards are rare and don’t come out quickly. 

To get these cards, you have to buy a lot of chests. Some cards are so rare that they never come out, others have to be helped to get them. The only Rare Card is the Golden Card which has to be removed from the Viking or Joker Card.

Boom Village In Coin Master

There are some villages of Coin Master where there are more chances of getting rare and golden cards after staying for a few days and doing chest buys. Such a village is called a Boom Village. How to locate boom village use the list below to provide you with Boom Village information.

You have to do a chest buy by stopping in Boom Village. If you stay for a few days and do a chest buy in Boom Village, you have more chances of getting a Rare Card as well as a Golden Card.

Coin Master Boom Villages List

Below you will find the list of all Boom Villages. Where people found the rarest and Golden Cards.

Village No.Village Name
05Far East 
07Sunny Hawaii 
13Arabian Nights 
15Wild West 
20The Arctic 
22Candy Land 
34Dragon Lair 
35Greek Land 
37The Wizard 
40Area 51 
45 Musketeers
47 Theme Park
49 Hell
50 Easter
51 Japan
55 Jurassic Ville
60Robin Hood 
61Deep Sea 
62Don Quixote 
79Tin Soldier 
83Car Racing 
87Baba Yaga 
90King Arthur 
93Caribbean Resort  
95 Egyptian Pyramids
98Milky Way 
102Goblin Ghetto 
107Golf Course 
110Rice Farmer 
112Irish Craic 
117Ice Queen 
135 Gymnastics
136 New York
138 Punk Rock
140 Rio
141 Space Pirate
142 Mech Workshop
143 Space Shuttle

The above list is not a list of the complete villages of Coin Master. This is a list of all the villages where you should stay for a few days and chests to buy so that you can get rare and golden cards easily. If you do this none of your card sets will stop. 

All card sets will be completed easily. You will not need anyone else for the card. If you want to know how many villages are there in coin master then you can use this post.

Boom Village
Coin Master Cheats

Types Of Cheats:-

1. Magical Chest: – This is the most expensive chest of all chests. It draws 8 cards. In which 4 stars and 5 stars cards have more chances of getting out.

2. Golden Chest: – The cost of this chest is less than the magic chest but more than the wooden chest. 4 cards are drawn in this chest, with three stars and four stars having a higher chance of getting out.

3. Wooden Chest: – This is the cheapest chest, it has two cuts. In which there are more chances of getting cut with 2 stars and 3 stars.

Relevant Reads:-

If you have ever taken out a rare golden card in Boom Village, then you must comment about that village so that your point can be conveyed to others and everyone gets a chance to take advantage.


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