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Coin Master Pets : Foxy Tiger and Rhino

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Coin master’s pets are very interesting. He helps you in every way. When you hit a raid on someone’s village, they double your coins. In the same way, even after attacking, they increase your coins. It also protects your village from damage. In this post, I will give you full information about all the three Pets, using which you can make a lot of profit.

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All Pets Of Coin Master

There are three pets in Coin Master. FOXY, TIGER and RHIINO

FOXY :- The first pet of coin master is Foxy. This pet is used the most. This pet is my favorite. You get this pet at number four village, which is hatched and taken out. Foxy gives you a lot of advantage in Raid. When you hit a raid on your friends or someone else’s village, it adds up to 106% of the raid coins you killed. Coin master has run an event called this pet. Whose name is Red Madness, if you want to know about it, then definitely read this post. 

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To play with Foxy you have to give him food. There are also two types of food. The first one that keeps him awake for 15 minutes or 4 hours. Second Food xp that increases his rate percentage. You can use foxy to hit the biggest perfect raid with the coins you get in Raid, you can build villages, buy chests and easily complete Viking quests. Make sure to use Foxy whenever you play a game.

TIGER :- The second pet of Coin Master is Tiger. This pet beast card will show up on your game after completing the set. Tiger gives you a lot of advantage in attack. When you attack your friends or any other’s village, it adds up to 410 percent of the attack coins you killed. 

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Coin master has run an event called this pet. Whose name is attack madness. If you want to know about this event, then definitely read this post. To play with Tiger, you have to feed him. It stays awake for 4 hours after eating food. You can feed it Food XP to increase its power. Which increases its attack percentage. You can kill high attack using tiger. You can use the coins you get in attacks to build villages and complete Viking quest to do chest buys. Make sure to use Tiger whenever you play Attack Madness.

Rhino :- Coin Master’s third pet is Rhino. This Pet is available after completing the Creatures card set. Rhino protects your village from damage. Your coins run out when you start building your village and before the village is completed. 

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So in such a situation, the chances of your village damage increase by the attack of your friends or others. In this situation, you have five shields, but after all five shields are blocked, Rhino protects your village. Feeding the rhino once food would protect it for four hours, if you want to know about the Village Coast List then definitely read this post.

Daily Upgrade Your Pets

When you play the Coin Master game, you’re awarded Daily Rewards, Food in Events, Tournaments and Viking Quests, as well as Food XP. Upgrade your pet using Food XP. Upgrading increases the power percentage of your pet. Along with completing the update, you are also given some stars which advance you in your friends circle. Updating increases the rewards brought by that pet. Keep your pet active whenever you play your game.

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There are two ways to keep the pet active one is free pet food which is available for 15 minutes every 24 hours and second pet food which keeps your pet awake for 4 hours. Only one pet will be active at a time. You cannot activate another pet. Until the time’s up. You will need to feed extra pet food to activate the second pet. you have these

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