Coin Master Village Cost Full Information

If you want to know about Coin Master Villages, you have come to the right post. This post will give you all the information about Coin Master Village’s costs.

Coin Master is one of the World’s Most Popular Games, Millions of People Daily play this game, but due to a lack of complete information about it, they have many problems completing it.

The most crucial part of Coin Master is Coin Master Villages, where people progress in the game by making a village; when a player completes making a village, he reaches the next town of the coin master.

Each village level of the Coin Master has five buildings, each with a different price. Each village of the Coin master has a different name and a different Coin master village price.

Coin Master’s Villages keep growing over time. Currently, 2024 Coin Master has 523 Villages, each village with a Unique Name and Unique Cost in Coin Master.

What does the Coin Master Village Cost?

The first village is named the Land of Vikings, costing 3.1 million. If the village cannot complete the attack, any friend or stranger can attack and damage it. Three shields are initially given to avoid damage, and then five shields are given to the shield village for damage saves.

Today I will give you all the information about the Village Coin Master Level Cost List.

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Coin Master Village Cost List 

Level Village Name Coins
1. Land of Vikings 3.1 M
2. Ancient Egypt 5.2 M
3. Snowy Alps 9.5 M
4. Inca 13.2 M
5. Far East 16.3 M
6. Stone Age 17.4 M
7. Sunny Hawaii 20.6 M
8. Troy 25.8 M
 9. Africa 31 M
 10. Atlantis 34.8 M
 11. The Future 35.8 M
 12. Woodstock 37.4 M
 13. Arabian Nights 41 M
 14. Moon Landing 42.8 M
 15. Wild West 46.6 M
 16. Netherland 48.3 M
 17. Jungle 51.3 M
 18. Wonderland 53.8 M
 19. Miners 56.2 M
 20. The Arctic 60 M
 21. Apocalypse 61 M
 22. Candy Land 63.4 M
 23. Army Camp 64.2 M
 24. Halloween 65.3 M
 25. The Tribe 66.6 M
 26. Australia 71 M
 27. Columbus 69.7 M
 28. Mexico 75.8 M
 29. Magical Forest 81 M
 30. India 85.7 M
 31. The 50’s 91.7 M
 32. Thailand 97.2 M
 33. Coin Manor 108.9 M
 34. Dragon Lair 115.2 M
 35. Greek Land 120.1 M
 36. La Dreams 126.3 M
 37. The Wizard 134 M
 38. Oil Tyrant 141.5 M
 39. La Familia 153.6 M
 40. Area 51 163.8 M
 41. Night of the Dead 165.1 M
 42. Steampunk Land 174.6 M
 43. The Zoo 180.5 M
 44. Russia 192.3 M
 45. Musketeers 205 M
 46. Lady Bug 216.2 M
 47. Theme Park 229 M
 48. Tibet 251.5 M
 49. Hell 272.8 M
 50. Easter 279 M
 51. Japan 282.9 M
 52. Swamp 291 M
 53. Wizard of Oz 304 M
 54. Timbuktu 320.7 M
 55. Jurassic Ville 345.3 M
 56. Canada 348.1 M
 57. Mongolia 368.4 M
 58. Jack Beanstalk 384.1 M
 59. Scotland 409.9 M
 60. Robin Hood 433.1 M
 61. Deep Sea 453.3 M
 62. Don Quixote 483.4 M
 63. Colosseum 505.3 M
 64. Cat Castle 523 M
 65. Olympus 542.6 M
 66. Trolls 565.8 M
 67. Aliens 591.4 M
 68. Da Vinci 630 M
 69. Sand Land 658.5 M
 70. Elves 694.8 M
 71. Switzerland 726.2 M
 72. Truckers 773.7 M
 73. Spain 836 M
 74. Little Red 890 M
 75. Unicorn 950 M
 76. Scientist 1 B
 77. Romania 1 B
 78. Singapore 1 B
 79. Tin Soldier 1.1 B
 80. Crazy Bride 1.1 Billion
 81. Pilot 1.2 Billion
 82. Fairy Tale 1.3 Billion
 83. Car Racing 1.4 Billion
 84. Gnome 1.4 Billion
 85. Desert Punk 1.4 Billion
 86. Detective 1.4 Billion
 87. Baba Yaga 1.5 Billion
 88. Barbarian 1.7 Billion
 89. Restaurant 1.7 Billion
 90. King Arthur 1.8 Billion
 91. Sinbad 1.8 Billion
 92. Bikers Bar 2 Billion
 93. Caribbean Resort 2.1 Billion
 94. Super Heroes 2.2 Billion
 95. Egyptian Pyramids 2.2 Billion
 96. Olympic Games 2.3 Billion
 97. Mountain Climbers 2.4 Billion
 98. Milky Way 2.6 Billion
 99. Ski Slope 2.7 Billion
 100. Royal Monkey  2.8 Billion
 101. Snow White 2.8 Billion
 102. Goblin Ghetto 3.1 Billion
 103. Yemen 3.4 Billion
 104. Wu Xing 3.4 Billion
 105. Circus 3.6 Billion
 106. Yokai 3.7 Billion
 107. Golf Course 3.8 Billion
 108. Lucha Libre 4.1 Billion
 109. Cyber Cowboys 4.2 Billion
 110. Rice Farmer 4.6 Billion
 111. Caption Shipyard 4.7 Billion
 112. Irish Craic 5 Billion
 113. Oktoberfest 5.3 Billion
 114. Amazon 5.6 Billion
 115. Aztec 5.7 Billion
 116. Forbidden City 5.8 Billion
 117. Ice Queen 6 Billion
 118. Samurai 6.4 Billion
 119. Santa’s Factory 6.7 Billion
 120. Soccer 7 Billion
 121. Tennis 7.4 Billion
 122. Thanksgiving 7.8 Billion
 123. Toys 8.2 Billion
 124. Venice 8.5 Billion
 125. Witches 9 Billion
 126. Yankee 9.2 Billion
 127. Zanzibar 9.6 Billion
 128. Moby Dick 10.2 Billion
 129. Turkey 10.6 Billion
 130. Argentina 11.3 Billion
 131. Boxing Club 11.8 Billion
 132. Carnival 12.6 Billion
 133. Dracula 13.1 Billion
 134. Future Park 13.5 Billion
 135. Gymnastics 14.3 Billion
 136. New York 14.5 Billion
 137. Swamp Princess 15.1 Billion
 138. Punk Rock 15.2 Billion
 139. Railroad 16.2 Billion
 140. Rio 17.8 Billion
 141. Space Pirate 18.6 Billion
 142. Mech Workshop 19.8 Billion
 143. Jocke & Jonna 20.7 Billion
 144. Colombia 21.1 Billion
 145. Petra 21.6 Billion
 146. Monkey Kingdom 22 Billion
 147. Persian Sultan 22.6 Billion
 148. Desert Party 22.9 Billion
 149. Hercules 23.4 Billion
 150. Shaolin 23.8 Billion
 151. Bakeshop 24.6 Billion
 152. Billiard 24.8 Billion
 153. Noah’s Ark 25.8 Billion
 154. Doomsday 26.8 Billion
 155. Orc 28.2 Billion
 156. Fairy 29 Billion
 157. Ice Age 30.2 Billion
 158. Cleopatra 30.5 Billion
 159. Valhalla 31.3 Billion
 160. Supervillain 32 Billion
 161. Horse Racing 33.6 Billion
 162. Jazz Club 34.2 Billion
 163. Fashion 34.5 Billion
 164. Barber Shop  36 Billion
 165. Mermaid City 37.1 Billion
 166. Street Dance  37.9 Billion
 167. Saloon Slickers 38.8 Billion
 168. Centaure 40.6 Billion
 169. Dungeon Lair 41.8 Billion
 170. Brazil Amazon 43.8 Billion
 171. Morocco 45 Billion
 172. Firefighters 45.7 Billion
 173. Jousting 46.6 Billion
 174. Sculpture Workshop 48.4 Billion
 175. Babylon 49 Billion
 176. Boarding School 51.3 Billion
 177. Movie Set  52.8 Billion
 178. Dino Ranch 52.4 Billion
 179. American Football 56 Billion
 180. Beauty and The Beast 57.7 Billion
 181. Galapagos 59.6 Billion
 182. Robo Tech Girl 61.4 Billion
 183. Drawing 64.1 Billion
 184. Dinner 64.9 Billion
 185. Mad Hatter 67 Billion
 186. San Franciso 68.6 Billion
 187. Rally Racing 70.5 Billion
 188. Madagascar 72.9 Billion
 189. Police Station 75.4 Billion
 190. Bee Hive 76.8 Billion
 191. Napoleon 79.1 Billion
 192. Basketball 82.2 Billion
 193. Film Noir 84.8 Billion
 194. Baseball 87.3 Billion
 195. Pet Saloon 89.7 Billion
 196. Scouts Camp 92.6 Billion
 197.  Leprechaun 95.4 Billion
 198. Athletics 98.2 Billion
 199. Burglar 101.1 Billion
 200. Ice Hockey 104.2 Billion
 201. Talk Show   106.9 Billion 
 202. Havana110.6 Billion 
 203. Cyber Future113.8 Billion 
 204. Magic Show117.6 Billion 
 205. Arcade120.8 Billion 
 206. Jamaica124.4 Billion 
 207. Louise the 16th127.2 Billion 
 208. Sea Master Park132 Billion 
 209. Zombie Boogie135.9 Billion
 210. Motorbike 140 Billion
 211. County Folk Band144 Billion
 212. Trainer of Dragons148.8 Billion
 213. China Wall153 Billion
 214. Mail Man157.6 Billion
 215. Theatre162 Billion
 216. Grand Biking Tour167 Billion 
 217. Space Cleaners172 Billion
 218. Dwarf Workshop177 Billion 
 219. Swimming Pool182.4 Billion 
 220. Odysseus188.4 Billion 
 221. Haunted House 194.1 Billion
 222. Jungle Explorers200 Billion
 223. Stranded Island206.1 Billion 
 224. Construction Site212.4 Billion 
 225. Thai Boxing 218.9 Billion
 226. Museum Life225.6 Billion
 227. Roman Square 232.5 Billion
 228. Cricket 239.6 Billion
 229. Nordic Fisherman246.9 Billion
 230. Georgia245.6 Billion
 231. Tesla’s Lab262.2 Billion
 232. Iceland270.2 Billion
 233. Portugal Vasco Da Gama278.5 Billion 
 234. Templar Order 287 Billion
 235. Aircraft Carrier295.8 Billion
 236. Alien Museum304.8 Billion
 237. Prisoner Escape314.1 Billion
 238. Maharaja 323.7 Billion
 239. Alien Invasion 333.6 Billion
 240. Royal Haven343.8 Billion
 241. Submarine354.3 Billion
 242. Princess Pack365.1 Billion
 243. Chocolate Factory376.2 Billion
 244. Henzel and Gretel 387.7 Billion
 245. Mage Room 399.6 Billion
 246. Gardener 411.8 Billion
 247. Venice Beach 424.3 Billion
 248. Biker’s Gang 437.3 Billion
 249. Ice Skating 450.7 Billion
 250. Pastry Shop464.4 Billion
 251. Mauri478.6 Billion
 252. Archery493.2 Billion 
 253. Doughnut Shop499 Billion
 254. Wagon Train 514 Billion
 255. Sumo 530 Billion
256Bowling 546 Billion
257Cyborg 562 Billion 
258Momotaro 579 Billion 
259Green Earth 597 Billion 
260Leonardo’s Workshop 614 Billion 
261Voodoo  633 Billion
262Clock Master 652 Billion 
263River Beast 671 Billion 
264Bollywood 691 Billion 
265Wedding 712 Billion 
266Crab Fishing 733 Billion 
267Surfing Beach 755 Billion 
268Bangkok Market 778 Billion 
269Pandan Reservoir 801 Billion 
270Ninja Village 825 Billion 
271Art Gallery 850 Billion 
272Japan Hot Springs 876 Billion 
273Food Festival 902 Billion 
274Snow Playground 929 Billion 
275Subway 957 Billion 
276 Camel Fair985 Billion 
277 Monkey Brewery1,002 Billion 
278 Space Post1,045 Billion 
279 Sakura1,077 Billion 
280 Astronaut Space Station1,109 Billion 
281Pool Party 1,142 Billion 
282Valentine 1,177 Billion 
283Chinatown 1,212 Billion 
284Mech Dinolab 1,248 Billion 
285Stone Beats 1,286 Billion 
286Scary Theme Park 1,324 Billion 
287Human and Orc War 1,364 Billion 
288Witch Hunter 1,405 Billion 
289Parliament 1,447 Billion 
290Science Fair 1,490 Billion 
291 Library1,535 Billion 
292 Vintage Market1,581 Billion 
293 Hollywood Premiere1,629 Billion 
294 Drive-In1,668 Billion 
295 Indian Festival1,728 Billion 
296 CSI Lab1,780 Billion 
297 Tango 1,834 Billion
298Thai Festival 1,889 Billion 
299Cyber Punk Japan 1,945 Billion 
300Victorian Sci-Fi  2,003 Billion
301Christmas Market  2,064 Billion
302Skydive 2,156 Billion 
303Gran Hotel 2,189 Billion 
304 Apocalypse City Survival2,255 Billion 
305 Comic Convention2,322 Billion 
306 Deep-Sea Civilization2,392 Billion 
307Karaoke Room 2,464 Billion 
308Magic Lane 2,537 Billion 
309Crocodile Farm 2,614 Billion 
310Radio Station 2,692 Billion 
311Road Trip 2,773 Billion 
312Mexican Restaurant 2,856 Billion 
313Full Moon Party 2,940 Billion 
314 Magic Academy3,030 Billion 
315 Bag Shop3,121 Billion 
316 Vintage Toy Shop3,214 Billion 
317 Aquarium Inside3,311 Billion 
318 Chinese Tavern3,410 Billion 
319Noodle Shop 3,512 Billion 
320Music Store 3,619 Billion 
321 K-Pop3,726 Billion 
322 Herb Classroom3,838 Billion 
323Cosmetic Shop3,953 Billion 
324Carnival Fortune3,411 Billion
325Airport3,513 Billion
326Hospital3,619 Billion
327Dog Trainer3,728 Billion
328Cosplay Party3,839 Billion
329Unicorn Cafe3,958 Billion
330Ice Cream Shop4,074 Billion
331Cheese Factory4,195 Billion
332Safari4,324 Billion
333Bus House4,454 Billion
334Corgi Marathon4,588 Billion
335Street Performance4,725 Billion
336Fish Market4,870 Billion
337Koi Fish Pond5,013 Billion
338Pet Photo Studio5,166 Billion
339Gnome Forrest5,323 Billion
340Tea Field5,482 Billion
341Garden Barbecue5,646 Billion
342Game Show5,815 Billion
343Barn Life5,990 Billion
344Monster Café6,100 Billion
345Taekwondo6,200 Billion
346Fitness Center6,400 Billion
347Ethiopian Eats6,600 Billion
348Curry Cafe6,800 Billion
349Textile Bazaar7,000 Billion
350Basketball Park7,300 Billion
351Balloon Ride7,500 Billion
352Art Class7,700 Billion
353Gamer Cafe7,900 Billion
354Gnome Home8,200 Billion
355Arctic Campers8,400 Billion
356Spa Treatment8,700 Billion
357Sand Contest8,900 Billion
358Orange Grove9,200 Billion
359Ninja Mission9,500 Billion
360Monkey Feast9,800 Billion
361Garden Maze10 Trillion
362Nepal Trek10.3 Trillion
363Horror Movie10.6 Trillion
364Marathon10 Trillion
365Japan Street10.9 Trillion
366Tokyo Road11.3 Trillion
366Hi-tech Hackers11.6 Trillion
367Music Studio12 Trillion
368Reggae Band12.4 Trillion
369Tomato Festival12.7 Trillion
370Train Market13.1 Trillion
371Roller Coaster13.5 Trillion
372Fossil Site13.9 Trillion
373Future Lab14.4 Trillion
374Ice Festival14.8 Trillion
375Vintage Hotel15.3 Trillion
376Parkour Pros15.7 Trillion
377Bird Garden16.2 Trillion
378Hot Dog Contest16.7 Trillion
379Robot Battle17.2 Trillion
380Insect Exhibit17.7 Trillion
381Birthday Dinner18.3 Trillion
382Cave Family18.9 Trillion
383Shark Diving19.4 Trillion
384Boss Office20 Trillion
385Arts Fair20.7 Trillion
386Rock Concert21.5 Trillion
387Ship Deck21.9 Trillion
388Pet Hospital22.6 Trillion
389Future Car Show23.3 Trillion
390Hacker Heaven24 Trillion
391Chess Match24.7 Trillion
392Animal Café25.4 Trillion
393Polar Plaza26.2 Trillion
394Mongolia Winter27 Trillion
395Mathematician27.8 Trillion
396Gorilla Gardens28.6 Trillion
397Sushi Bar29.5 Trillion
398Veggie Contest30.4 Trillion
399Water Bungalow31.3 Trillion
400Postman Patch32.6 Trillion
401Turkish Rooftop33.3 Trillion
402Bonsai Display34.2 Trillion
403Midsummer Festival35.2 Trillion
404Clock Shop37.5 Trillion
405Lotus Pond36.9 Trillion
406Dynasty Drama38.5 Trillion
407Drive Thru36.9 Trillion
408Miss Coin Show41 trillion
409Tiger Sanctuary42.1 Trillion
410Taiwan Travel43.3 Trillion
411Mardi Gras44.6 trillion
412Traffic Patrol46.3 trillion
413College Dorm47.4 trillion
414Aqua Float Park48.8 Trillion
415Night Safari51.8 trillion
416Cheese Boutique51.8 Trillion
417Coffee Shop53.4 Trillion
418Foam Party55 Trillion
419Mochi Ceremony56.6 Trillion
420Magical Studio58.3 Trillion
421Psychic Crew60 Trillion
422Turtle World 61.9 Trillion
423Fishing Pier63.8 Trillion
424Laundromat65.7 Trillion
425Cactus House67.7 Trillion
426Stock Exchange69.7 Trillion
427Horse Ranch71.8 Trillion
428Powerlift Match73.9 Trillion
429Honeycomb Hike76.1 Trillion
430Dino Exhibit78.4 Trillion
431Blacksmith Mill80.8 Trillion
432Sweet Shop 83.2 Trillion
433Air Freight85.8 Trillion
434Cookie Factory88.3 Trillion
435Bamboo Business90.9 Trillion
436Butterfly Bench93.7 Trillion
437Kitty Kitchen96.5 Trillion
438Super Showers99.4 Trillion
439Road Repair101.3 Trillion
440India Pits hop104.2 Trillion
441Robot Factory107.4 Trillion
442Juggling Junction110.9 Trillion
443Grape Stomping114.2 Trillion
444Bumper Cars117.8 Trillion
445Pizza Place121.1 Trillion
446Running Race124.9 Trillion
447Crystal Cavern128.6 Trillion
448Biohazard Zone135.5 Trillion
449Lantern Fest136.4 Trillion
450Duck Crosswalk140.5 Trillion
451Waterfall Walk144.7 Trillion
452Vintage Barber149.2 Trillion
453Space Voyage153.8 Trillion
454Subway Station158.5 Trillion
455Climbing Gym163.3 Trillion
456Remote Runway168 Trillion
457Princess Palace173.5 Trillion
458Illusion Show178.5 Trillion
459Little Village184.5 Trillion
460Hippo Home189.5 Trillion
461Dinosaur Dash190.5 Trillion
462Holiday House201.5 Trillion
463Alien Arrival207.5 Trillion
464Coffee Mill213.5 Trillion
465Saloon Standoff220 Trillion
466Tomato Lab227 Trillion
467Kung Fu Ring233.5 Trillion
468Pirate Party240.5Trillion
469Wizard’s Wagon248 Trillion
470Waterfall Cave255.5 Trillion
471Haunted Hall263 Trillion
472Troll Treasury271 Trillion
473Ramp Race278.7 Trillion
474Shoemaker Shop287 Trillion
475Mystery Boxes296 Trillion
476Mermaid Musical305 Trillion
477Air Train313.8 Trillion
478Beach Day323.4 Trillion
479Car Pit333 Trillion
480Ballet Room343 Trillion
481Excalibur Cave353.5 Trillion
482Turkis Treat364 Trillion
483Carpenter Cabin375 Trillion
484Dental Clinic386 Trillion
485Freaky Forest398 Trillion
486Movie Backlot409 Trillion
487Lettuce Towers422 Trillion
488Retro Kitchen435 Trillion
489Frozen Fishing448 Trillion
490Pony Pathway461 Trillion
491Tea Time475 Trillion
492Panda Play Area489 Trillion
493Wizard’s Ward504 Trillion
494Skater Site519 Trillion
495Hikers’ Haven535 Trillion
496Carousel Ride551.4 Trillion
497Chicken Coop568 Trillion
498Desert Treasure584 Trillion
499Sheperd’s Spot602 Trillion
500Unicorn Utopia620 Trillion
501Otter Oasis639 Trillion
502Giraffe’s Grub658 Trillion
503Port Painters678 Trillion
504Scene Stage698 Trillion
505Husky Hills720 Trillion
506Glass Class741 Trillion
507Italian Eatary763 Trillion
508Gold Panning786 Trillion
509Enchanted woods810 Trillion
510Post Office834 Trillion
511Mars Mission859 Trillion
512Kendo Masters885 Trillion
513Wizard Manor912 Trillion
514Street Market935 Trillion
515Virtual Station967 Trillion
516Egypt Exhibit996 Trillion
517Tower of PisaTrillion
518Waterfall HikeTrillion
519Wizard’s BrewTrillion
520Medieval TavernTrillion
521Sumo SaunaTrillion
522Fairy PondTrillion
523News StandTrillion

Coin Master Village Price List PDF

Friends, I have provided a PDF of the Coin Master village cost for you, you will be able to easily find out your village cost through PDF.

👉 Coin Master Village Price List Pdf 👈

Coin Master Level 4

Coin master village’s four names are Inca. Coin master village cost 4 is 13.2 million villages 4 is an excellent village of coin master. Coin master level 4 coin master village comes after completing village 3.

Coin Master Level 4
Coin Master Level 4

The coin master village that has three names is Snowy Alp, whose village cost around 9.5 million. Also, an excellent village coin master level 3 comes after completing level 2 of coin master.

The name of Village 2 is Ancient Egypt, whose Cost is 5.1 Million. Coin Master 1 village named Land of Vikings is the first Village of Coin Master The game starts from this Village The Coin Master Village Cost 1 is 3.1 Million. To be the First Village: This village is the famous village of coin master lovers.

costo villaggio coin master

Costo Villaggio Coin Master

Village Master and Village Mania 

The best time to complete a village in Coin Master is the Village Master event and the Village Mania event. During this event, your coins are also less, and extra rewards are available.

Village master is a small event of coin master which is of two to three hours; you get to see this event daily. In this event, you have to complete your village. When you complete the village, you are rewarded with spins, coins, and XP.

Village Mania is also a small event of the Coin Master which takes one to two hours. You also get to see it daily. You are given a 20% or 65% discount to complete the village in this event. In this post, I will give you complete information about this event.

What are Village Master and Village Mania?

Village Master and Village Mania are both your small events. Where Village Master is 2 – 3 hours, Village Mania is 1 – 2 hours. The same thing in both is that both are available daily, but these two events never show together.

Village Master: – During this event, if you complete any village, then you are given spins, coins, and XP for that. Sometimes you do not get spins, but more quantities of coins are also given; sometimes, you are given a large number of spins instead of coins. The reward amount depends on your village. If you are in a high-level village, you also get more rewards. If you are in a low village, then rewards are also low. I always build my village during this event. How to reduce village cost in coin master.

Village Mania: – In this event, you are given a significant discount if you complete any village. There are two types of discounts available to you at this event. In the first type, you get a 20% discount on all the items in the village. In the 2nd type of event, you are given a discount of 65%, which is only for the items in the last row. I also take full advantage of both of these events.

How I Build My Village.

I always put my game in ghost mode. Due to this, I escaped from my friend’s rides and attacks. You can click on Ghost Mode to get complete information if you do not know about Ghost Mode. Coin Master Ghost Mode

The 2nd Step is depositing the coins, playing regular games, and collecting lots of coins. Along with this, you should also know about the village cost. You can click on this to get complete information on how many coins it takes to build which village. Also, keep all your shields full.

The 3rd Step is to wait for Village Mania; if there is an event with a 65% discount, then complete all the items and just end the last item of the first row. Also, if you get an event of 20%, complete all the items; leave the last item with the first row.

The Last Step is to Wait for the Village Master Event. As soon as the event arrives, complete the last item you left. You will make a lot of profit. If you have any better suggestions, please reply in the comment box so they can be passed on to others.

Coin Master Last Village

Coin Master Last Village
Coin Master Last Village

There are about 523 villages in Coin Master. Each village of Coin Master has a different name and a different cost. The level number of Coin Master’s Last Village is 523. The name of Coin Master’s Last Village is News Stand. The cost of Coin Master’s Last Village is __XXX__Trillion.


How many villages are in the coin master?

Coins Master has about 472 villages, each with a different name and Cost.

How to reduce coin master village cost?

It is straightforward to reduce the village cost of coin masters. For this, you will need the Village Mania Event.

In the first type, you get a 20% discount on all the items in the village. In the 2nd type of event, you are given a discount of 65%, which is only for the items in the last row.

How much does coin master village cost?

The coin master village cost is different for all villages. Click Here for Coin Master Village Cost

How much does it cost to build villages in Coin Master?

Coin Master in 2021 has 365 villages, each with a different cost.

For example, 1st Village Land of Vikings 3.1M Cost 2nd village in Ancient Egypt 5.2Mcostst, 3rd village Snowy Alp 9.5M cost, and so on the Last 365th Village Japan Street xxx Billion costs.

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