Crazy Fox Village Cost List April 2024

For Crazy Fox game players, they must know about Crazy Fox Village Cost List. The village world is the most important part of this game because it only shows which levels you are on.

In Crazy Fox, you get to see the option of a village world where you use the coins you collect by spinning in the game to build your village world.

Often people are not aware of the village cost and are unable to complete their village, due to which other team members and random members attack your village, causing you to lose a lot of coins.

In today’s post, we are going to give you information about all the village costs of Crazy Fox. I have been playing this game for the last two years and the costs mentioned here can be approximate. All of you are requested to read the post till the end.

Crazy Fox Village Cost List Updated

In Crazy Fox you get to see more than 500 villages, for example, the first village named Little Prince is worth approximately 4 million virtual coins.

The second village is Farm Scenery which costs 7 million coins. As you build your next village, it will cost more than the previous village. Below we have given you information about all the village costs, using which you will be able to easily build a village using approximately coins.

Level No.Village or Level NameVillage Cost (Approx.)
1.The Little Prine4.02 M
2.Farm Scenery6.74 M
3.American West12.10 M
4.Netherland16.72 M
5.Stone Age20.40 M
6.Cinderella21.70 M
7.Age of Steam25.78 M
8.Ancient Rome32.30 M
9.Garden of Eden38.74 M
10.France Paris41.70 M
11.Ancient China44.18 M
12.Goblin46.13 M
13.Little Red Riding Hood50.38 M
14.Sweet World52.65 M
15.Snow White57.39 M
16.Ancient Egypt59.41 M
17.Cambrian62.97 M
18.Mount Fuji66.14 M
19.The Arctic Landscape68.78 M
20.Jurassic73.54 M
21.Alassin’s Wonderful Lamp74.78 M
22.Journey to the West78.52 M
23.Australia86.35 M
24.Bronze Age91.51 M
25.Ali Baba94.18 M
26.Army Camp103.63 M
27.The Emp’s New Clothes109.77 M
28.Magical Forest111.99 M
29.Columbus119.77 M
30.Ice Age123.37 M
31.Mount Olympus129.48 M
32.Bombay138.50 M
33.Russia143.98 M
34.Woodstock149.69 M
35.Brazil155.62 M
36.Los Angeles166.47 M
37.The 50’s178.15 M
38.Washington183.44 M
39.Mermaid194.44 M
40.Elf204.04 M
41.Siege of Troy210.18 M
42.Saboteur218.60 M
43.Sleeping Beauty233.83 M
44.Hell238.49 M
45.Christmas257.61 M
46.Antarctic270.41 M
47.Halloween Island275.79 M
48.Tibet297.82 M
49.In The Future318.62 M
50.On the Moon334.59 M
51.Sumerian341.22 M
52.Noah’s Ark347.96 M
53.Byzantine365.36 M
54.The Maya398.20 M
55.Turkry422.03 M
56.Italy447.31 M
57.Pandora’s Box460.63 M
58.Dubai Street506.72 M
59.Nordic Myth537.14 M
60.Alice In Wonderland563.96 M
61.Circus575.21 M
62.Magic Academy586.72 M
63.Mexico610.13 M
64.Third Empire628.41 M
65.Princess Bedroom647.26 M
66.Mongolia679.50 M
67.Indian Myth706.69 M
68.Hawaii742.04 M
69.Brighton779.08 M
70.Morocco802.39 M
71.Wizard of Oz826.45 M
72.Robin Hood851.26 M
73.Angel and Devil868.29 M
74.Animal Restaurant894.32 M
75.Pink Girl921.13 M
76.Kaohsiung957.88 M
77.Taipei986.62 M
78.Witch Myth1.04 B
79.Queen’s Wardrobe1.08 B
80.Jack and Beanstalk1.13 B
81.Candy World1.18 B
82.Flying Spaghetti God1.24 B
83.Pinocchio’s Adventures1.28 B
84.Spacewalk1.35 B
85.Rose Garden1.42 B
86.Singapore Night1.47 B
87.Dressing Room1.55 B
88.Forest Party1.62 B
89.Elysium Buddha1.70 B
90.Don Quixote1.77 B
91.Steadfast Tin Soldier1.84 B
92.Wisdom Athena1.94 B
93.Undead Castle2.03 B
94.Three Little Pigs2.13 B
95.Ugly Duckling3.12 B
96.Romeo and Juliet3.25 B
97.Puss In Boots3.40 B
98.Amusement Park3.44 B
99.Beach Style3.55 B
100.Snow Village3.66 B
101.Snow World3.77 B
102.France Bordeaux3.86 B
103.Poseidon3.98 B
104.Sports Meeting4.00 B
105.Goldfish and Fisherman4.09 B
106.Indian4.28 B
107.Journey to Center of Earth4.47 B
108.Rio De Janeiro4.67 B
109.Little Thumb4.88 B
110.Smart Girl5.10 B
111.Jewelry Box5.33 B
112.Crow and Chicken5.57 B
113.The Picky Girl5.82 B
114.Witch Baba Yaga6.09 B
115.Two Pigeons6.36 B
116.Man With 3 Wives6.65 B
117.Eagle and Hen6.95 B
118.Turkey7.26 B
119.Farmer and Worker7.59 B
120.Miller and Donkey7.93 B
121.Chief and Philosopher8.29 B
122.Frong King8.66 B
123.Shoemaker9.05 B
124.Rabbit Hunting9.46 B
125.Passersby and Dogs9.88 B
126.Rooster and Pearl10.33 B
127.Caravan10.79 B
128.Wolf In Dog House11.28 B
129.Dragonfly and Ants11.63 B
130.Elephant and Pug12.35 B
131.Conceited Gambler12.87 B
132.Sack13.45 B
133.Cat and Chef14.05 B
134.Farmer and Nerd14.87 B
135.Treasured Sword15.45 B
136.The Princess and the Pea16.32 B
137.The Little Match Girl17.05 B
138.The Blacksmith and Dog17.99 B
139.The Lion in Love18.68 B
140.Thumbelina19.13 B
141.The Old Street Lamp19.99 B
142.The Golden Key20.89 B
143.Fitcher’s Bird21.83 B
144.Rapunzel22.81 B
145.The Queen Bee23.84 B
146.Three Snake-Leaves24.91 B
147.The Clever Little Tailor26.03 B
148.The Little Folks’ Presents27.20 B
149.The Wolf and the Man28.43 B
150.The King’s Son Who Deared Nothing29.71 B
151.The Writer and the Robber31.19 B
152.Fishing Port32.75 B
153.The Glass Coffin34.39 B
154.Dancing Camel36.11 B
155.The Tailor in Heaven37.92 B
156.Son of Poseidon38.39 B
157.Afternoon Tea41.80 B
158.Puppet Theater——
159.Deceived Farmer——
160.Space Base——
161.The Birth of Bacchus——
162.Human Skin——
163.Astronomy Lab——
164.Castle Under the Aurora——
165.Day of the Dead——
166.Spice Kingdom——
168.Toy Factory——
169.Frog King——
170.Classical Garden——
171.Heroine Atalanta——
172.Detective Agency——
173.Jorinda and Joringel——
174.Safari Park——
175.Godfather Death——
176.Fancy Mushrooms——
178.Magical Pharmacy——
179.Camping Trip——
180.Sunken Treasure——
181.Beauty Salon——
182.Pool Party——
184.Pirate Bay——
186.Film Crew——
188.Arcade Dream——
189.Dragon’s Treasure——
190.Sultan’s Palace——
191.Templo Mayor——
193.Jungle Night——
194.Desert Market——
195.Curiosity Shop——
196.Pharaoh’s Treasure——
197.Street Fight——
198.Ghost Party——
199.Vampire Castle——
200.Plant Shop——
201.Druid Garden——
203.Science Lab——
204Beautiful Hills——
205.Air Force——
206.Oriental Town——
207.Gold Coast——
208.Clown and Love——
210.Rio De Janeiro——
211.Oriental Bistro——
213Bank Robbery——
214Hanging Garden——
215The Shepherd and the Sea——
217Police Station——
218Prison Break——
219Train Station——
220Car Chase——
221Circus Clown——
223Boxing Club——
225Fire Brigade——
228Red Plain——
231Trail of the Dragon——
232Street Dance——
233Aegean Sea——
234Racing Driver——
235Pet Salon——
237Flower Market——
239Cookie Kingdom——
240Figure Skating——
242Cake Shop——
243Space Rescue——
244Punk Rock——
245Monkey Kingdom——
246Shaolin Temple——
248Jazz Club——
249Thai Boxing——
250Sculpture Studio——
251American Football——
252Dinosaur Manor——
253Jewel Thief——
254Bee Kingdom——
255Jungle Explorer——
257Hansel and Gretel——
258Tesla’s Lab——
259Alien Invasion——
260Country Music——
262Movie Set——
263Chemistry Lab——
266Island Survival——
267Alien Research——
269Petersen Automotive Museum——
270Amazon Rainforest——
271Machinist Workshop——
272Thanksgiving Day——
273Cowboy Bar——
274Art Class——
275Ancient Inn——
276Hot Spring Tour——
277Sand Sculpture——
278Mount Wilson Observatory——
279Nepal Trip——
281Basketball League——
282Cheese Factory——
283Forest of Fireflies——
284Forest of Fireflies——
285Metropolitan Museum of Art——
287Motorcycle Racing——
289Universal Studios Hollywood——
290Golf Club——
291Dung Beetle’s Dinner ——
292Indoor Swimming Pool——
293Ninja Village——
294Drive-in Theater——
295Rabbit Squad——
296Spaceship Repair Shop——
297Sydney Seafood Market——
298Music Store——

What is Crazy Fox Village World?

The Crazy Fox Village world is one of the most interesting parts of the game which defines your levels. You have to build your village world using virtual coins.

You have to create and complete five world items ranging from one to five stars. Every village has a different name, theme, and cost. You will get to see more than 500 villages in this game.

You can open the sticker album by building your village by playing the game and when you complete your village, you are given some coins and spins as rewards.

How many villages in crazy fox?

You will get to see 503 Village in Crazy Fox now on December 18, 2023. Every village has a different name, theme, and cost. You are given five items in each village that must be completed 5 times.

You can complete the village by collecting virtual coins by playing the game for example the cost of the first village Little Prince is 4 million coins similarly the cost of village 100 is around three billion coins.

How to check Crazy Fox at all village world levels?

Friends, if you want to see which village level is there in Crazy Fox right now, then go to the menu of your game and click on the map.

There you keep scrolling up until the map is complete. This will let you know which level is the last.

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In today’s article, I have provided complete information about Crazy Foz Village Cost List. I have told you about the crazy fox village cost list.

I hope all of you will get help from this post and you will be able to get a full guide on crazy fox all village price. If you have any suggestions or any doubts related to this post then please comment.

Thank You

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