How to get Legendary Boosters in Match Masters?

Match Masters is a two-player online matching color puzzle game. You get to see 36 boosters in Match Masters, where the Legendary Booster is considered to be the most powerful booster. Friends, in today’s article I will give you complete information about Legendary Boosters.

What are Legendary Boosters in Match Masters Game?

Friends, as you know boosters are an important part of Match Masters. In the game, you get to see 36 types of boosters which are divided into 6 categories. Legendary Booster is an important powerful booster of Match Masters.

In the game, you get to see 4 legendary boosters Monkey Jojo, Billie Boom, Cleo Cadabra, and Brocco Boogie. Each legendary booster has different effects and powers. You can easily defeat your opponent by putting some brain into the game by using any one booster while playing the game.

How to Get Legendary Boosters in Match Masters?

It is a bit difficult to get the Legendary Booster due to it being very highly powerful. Below I have told you some ways where you can easily get the Legendary Booster.

1. You are given an in-app purchase option in the game where you can buy legendary boosters with some virtual coins and you are also given some discount offers.

You can also easily get the Legendary Booster by spending some real money. Currently, if you have 2500 Virtual Coins then you can buy the Legendary Booster.

2. In the game, you are given a set of card albums. There are many card albums where legendary boosters are given as rewards. If your card set is open then you can get the missing card by using the Daily Free Rewards link and requesting it from your friends.

Match Masters launches a seasonal card set every month, completing which will earn you legendary boosters.

3. Match Masters runs some seasonal events every month whose time limit is 1 month. In these seasonal events, you are given small levels of tasks.

You can gradually get some rewards regularly and also by the end of the events, when you reach a good level, you will be given a lot of perks, booster boxes, and on fire as free rewards for a few days. Let’s go.

Where there is a box of Legendary Booster in which you get a Legendary Booster. These were some steps using which you can achieve it, if not easily but yes, you can achieve it by completing some tasks.

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I hope you liked today’s post on how to get legendary boosters in match masters. If you have any other suggestions related to this post, then please comment below.

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