Joker Tournament

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Coin Master Joker Tournament

By the way, there is some tournament going on daily in Coin Master  but Joker tournament is special among all those tournaments. The Joker card is given to the winner in this tournament. We all coin master lovers wish to have that joker card. 

With the help of Joker card, you can get the card you want for free, whether it is a golden card or a rare card. In this post I will give you complete information about Joker Tournament as well as give some tips and tricks with the help of which you will be able to win this tournament easily.

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What is Joker Tournament?

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Joker Tournament is one of the other tournaments like Flower Power, Diamond and Pedal to the Metal. This tournament consists of One Day. In these tournaments you are placed in a group of 50 people. Where you are given some points for raiding and attacking. 

Attack – 3 Points

Attack Blocked – 4 Points 

Raid – 5 Points 

Perfect raid – 6 Points 

There are 11 levels of rewards in the tournament. The rewards give you Spence, Coins and XP. The main price of this event is the Joker card. By the way, 10 people out of 50 people are given rewards according to their points. Those in the top 3 are given a mystery box with spins to the second and third that have a 50% chance of drawing a joker card. The first one is given the Joker card.

Joker Card :- Joker card is a unique card with the help of which you can take any other card. Which is needed in your card set or not. Even if that card is golden or rare. You can take any card you need with the help of Joker card. Joker card has a validity of 24 hours. The Joker card has to be used within 24 hours from the time it is released, otherwise this card becomes invisible after time up.

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How to win Joker Card 

There are many ways to get the Joker card though. In which mystery box easiest way. There is a 50% chance that the Joker card will appear in the Mystery Box. Mystery Box gets you the 30th day of the rewards calendar. Also a mystery box is given on winning the tournament. Even if you sell 3000 stars in your Cards for Chest, you are given a mystery box. Winning joker cards in the mystery box depends on your luck.

It is very difficult to win joker card from joker tournament. It is not like any other tournament. Everyone tries their best to win this joker card. If you want to win this tournament then you have to play with a strategy as well as bear some losses. If you feel that it is impossible, then stop playing the tournament at the same time, otherwise you will lose a lot.

Best Strategy For Joker Tournament

As you know, this tournament is of about 1 day and there must be some event going on with it. You target that event, do not play the event until the tournament arrives. Target both events and tournaments. Start playing when there are 30 to 60 minutes left for the tournament to end. Play in low bet first. Only increase the bet when you know the target. In such a situation, your event will also be completed as well as the tournament will also be completed easily.

Keep the tournament point at 1000 plus from your previous one so that there is less chance of him getting ahead. Keep playing the tournament till the end. If during the tournament you feel that there is no use in playing further, then end the tournament there and do not play further.

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If you play like this, I am sure you will make a lot of profit and win the joker card. If you have any strategy regarding joker card tournament then definitely write in comment box. Many people can benefit from your suggestion.


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