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In the Crazy Fox game, you are given chests boxes. In today’s post, you are going to get complete information about Crazy Fox Chests Guide.

Today we will know what chests are, how many types of chests are given in Crazy Fox, how you can collect those chests, and what rewards you get from those chests, you will get all this information in this post. It’s the one.

What are crazy fox chests?

Crazy Fox Chests are a type of treasure box. In some chests, you are given only cards and in some chests, you are given spins, cards, XP, and coins.

These chest boxes depend on your levels. As you increase your level, you will get to see better chest boxes. You should play the game regularly so that your levels will increase and you will be given good chest boxes.

How to get crazy fox chests easily?

You can get Crazy Fox chests very easily. We have told you some easy methods below. You just follow those methods.

Rewards Calendar

Crazy Fox game runs a rewards calendar where you can collect chests marked on this rewards calendar by playing regular games.

Usually, you are given chest rewards on the 7th, 15th, 22nd, and 30th days. This chest box contains a lot of cards.

Daily Promotional Offers

On the left side of the main screen of the game, you will see many promotional offers. There are some offers where you are given chests.

You can buy those chests during proportional offers. In chests, you can get spins, coins, xp, and lots of cards as rewards.

Complete Village Levels

You are given a lot of villages in the game. When you complete any village you are given a chest box with some coins and spins.

If you want to know what is the cost of your village then definitely read this post.

Play Events & Tournaments

You will get to see many regular events and tournaments in the game. You must participate in all of them. When you play those events and tournaments, you will be given the rewards mentioned in them.

A lot of new chests are given in these events and tournaments. You must complete the tasks of these events and tournaments regularly.

Extra Cards for Chest

In this game, you are given chests in exchange for the stars on your extra card. If you have a lot of duplicate cards, you can exchange them for chests. This is a very interesting function where you can exchange your duplicate card for a chest.

All Types of Crazy Fox Chests

Although you will get to see a lot of new chests during events and tournaments in the game, only a few chests in this game are basic which you get to see regularly.

Below we have given you information about those chests.

  • Basic Chest – 2 Cards
  • Exquisite Chest – 4 Cards
  • Precious Chest – 8 Cards
  • Wild Chest – X Cards

In these chests you get to see different cards, like in Basic Chest there are more chances of getting cards of single and double stars.

There are more chances of getting cards of single and double stars in Exquisite Chest also, and there are more chances of getting cards of double and triple stars in Precious Chest.

There are some chests where the chances of getting Golden and Joker cards are very high. You can get information about that box by tapping on the info option of Chests.

In all the chests you get to see different types of rewards, like in some chests you can get only cards but in some chests, you will get Pet XP, Spins, Coins, etc. as rewards.

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In today’s article, I have provided you with complete information about the Crazy Fox Chests. Where we have provided you all the information related to crazy fox chests.

I hope all of you will get help from this post and you will be able to know the crazy fox chests full guide. If you have any suggestions or doubts about this post, please comment.

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