Crazy Fox Pets Information (Rakun, Draggie, Ellie)

You must know about Crazy Fox Pets, this is one of the important parts of the game. In today’s post, I will give you complete information about Crazy Fox Pets.

Where you will know how to find, unlock, and feed pets. You will also get complete information about pets like Rakun, Draggie, and Ellie.

What are Crazy Fox Pets?

Crazy Fox Pets is one of the most important pets in the game. With the help of Pets, you raid and attack your competitor’s villages and also protect your village from getting attacked.

You get to see three types of pets in Crazy Fox. Every pet has different abilities and powers. Pets give you coins by collecting them.

Crazy Fox Pets List

  1. Rakun – Used For Raid
  2. Draggie – Used For Attack
  3. Ellie – Used For Attack Defense

How do you find and activate crazy fox pets?

Crazy Fox pets are very easy to find and activate. In the beginning, you will not see any pets. Rakon Pet will be unlocked when you complete Village 4.

Similarly, when you complete the mammal card set, the second pet Dragon will be unlocked and when you complete the dinosaur card set, the Ellie pet will be unlocked.

To find your pets, click on the pet icon on the middle right side of the home screen. All three of your pets will be found.

To activate the pet, there will be an option to select the button, click on it, and feed the pet. To activate any pet, it is necessary to feed it.

Crazy Fox Pet Rakun Guide

The first pet of Crazy Fox is the Rakon. The Rakon pet is unlocked when you complete Village 4. You can open the egg by hatching it.

Rakun Pet helps you in raids during the game. When you raid your competitors’ villages, Rakun raids extra raids for you.

You can activate Rakun by feeding him and you are also given some XP. The more XP you upgrade, the more you will profit in the raid by that percentage. Upgrade your XP as much as you can so that the rakun can extract more coins for you.

Crazy Fox Draggie Guide

Draggie is the second pet of Crazy Fox that is unlocked when the Mamal card set is completed. When you complete the mamal card set the draggie pet will open.

This pet helps you collect extra coins during attacks. You can activate the Draggie pet by going to the pet option and using it in the game.

Remember, the more you upgrade Draggie XP, the more coins you will receive during attacks. Always focus on upgrading your draggie pet’s XP.

Crazy Fox Pet Ellie Guide

The last and third pet of Crazy Fox is Ellie. The Ellie pet is unlocked when you complete the Dinosaur Card Set.

You can use Ellie Pet to protect your village from attacks by other players. This pet protects your village from being attacked. Having said that, this pet provides you with a shield.

To activate it, you have to feed food to this pet. Whenever your village is not complete, you can save your village from getting damaged by activating the Ellie Pet.

Crazy Fox Best Pet For Game

It is said that all the pets of Crazy Fox are best according to their situation. When you want to raid, use rakun, if you want to attack, use draggie and if you want to protect your village, use ellie.

According to me, the best one is Rakun Pet because it helps you to collect maximum coins and as you know coins are the most important part of this game with which you increase your level.

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In today’s article, I have provided you with complete information about Crazy Fox Pets Guide. Where I have told you about all the crazy fox pet information.

I hope all of you will get help from this post and you will be able to find, unlock, and feed your pets. If you have any suggestions or any doubts related to this post then please comment.

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