Raid Madness

Raid Madness is a long event of the Coin Master Game which takes three to four days. In this event, you are rewarded for riding on someone else’s or your friends’ village. It doesn’t matter whether you hit perfect red or not perfect.

There are fewer red lanes at the beginning of the event and a small prize is awarded but as you go further, red also has to be brought more and prizes are also higher. In rewards you are given spins, coins and xp. In this post I will give you complete information.

How to Play Raid Madness?

It is very easy to play Raid Madness, but you have to play this event with your mind because Raid Symbol does not come every time. At the beginning of this event comes Easy Task which can be won in a low bet but as the task completes, this event gets hard.

Raid Madness

Higher levels require more rides. The easiest way to play raid Madness is to reduce the bet once raid arrives. Spins each bet five to six times. As soon as your raid comes, after that you have to spins 5 – 6 times on the lowest bet 1x, after that 5 – 6 times on 2x then 5 – 6 times on 3x until the raid comes. This method is very useful because Raid Symbol does not come again and again, it takes 20 spins to arrive.

How to always win in this Event Easily.

If you want to play in profit in red madness, then you can use this method of mine. Play Raid Madness at 10x and spin each bet 10 times. If the raid does not occur in 10 times, increase the bet to 20x and spins 10 times.

If the raid does not occur again, spins 10 times in 30x move to 10x again after raid. Play the game same way you played last time. If you play like this then I am sure that you will earn well and will not lose.

Raid Madness

The 2nd method is that if the symbol with the shield has come once or twice before the red comes, then there is a 90% chance that the red will come, so after playing the full shield twice, play on the full bet will be very profitable.

If you have a better trick, then post it in the comment box below so that your suggestion can be reached to others.

New Update In Raid Madness.

These days there is a new update in Raid Madness, what is that update, so let’s talk about it.

Earlier, there were three symbols to be brought in Raid Madness. Points are also given on bringing single, double and triple symbols in the new update.

  • Hit 1-  Symbol 1 Point
  • Hit 2- Symbol 2 Points
  • Hit 3- Symbol 4 Points

It just depends on your bet. If you have a single raid symbol late on 10x bet then it will be 10 points, if you bring double raid symbol, it will be 20 points and if you bring a triple raid symbol, it will be 40 points. The new update is much better than the previous update but sometimes old updates can also be found.

Do you like new updates or old please comment.

Always use Foxy in Raid Madness.

Always use Foxy if you play raid madness. Foxy doubles your raid coins by using it you can won long raid. So always use Foxy whenever playing this event.


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