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Reward Calendar: – Full Information

Reward Calendar is a great gift for coin master user. In which daily free Spins, Coins,  XP and Pet Food is given to the user. Just why the user has to open the master game every day. These rewards calendar are given extra rewards for completing seven days as well as 30 days. I will give complete details of Rewards Calendar in this post.

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Rewards Calendar gives Daily Free Spins, Coins, Xp, Pet Food and Cheats.

The Rewards Calendar at Coin Master is a great gift for you. Which gives daily rewards as well as weekly rewards. Daily rewards give you coins, spins, cheats, xp and food. In Weekly Rewards you get a surprise gift box every 8th, 15th, 22nd and 30th Days. In which many coins, spins, xp and cheats come out. 

30th day Surprise Gift is the biggest in which there are more chances of getting Joker card. Using Joker card you can get any golden or rare or extra card. The Joker card is valid for 24 hours from the moment it is issued. Also a lot of coins, spins and xp are available in this surprise box.

All these rewards depend on your village. If you are on high village you will get high rewards and if you are on low village you will get low rewards too.

What if you don’t login to Daily Coin Master?

You login daily coin master and you get daily calendar rewards but as soon as you don’t login one day the rewards calendar starts again from first day which is very bad. No need to be side the daily rewards count from the beginning but the weekly rewards starts from where you left off. This is not good news because we aspire to have 30th day mystery box.

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Where do you end up. Like if you end on six day if you don’t login the next day then first day will be open in daily rewards but 7 count will be in weekly.

Daily Rewards Calendar

There are 2 types of rewards in Rewards Calendar.

1st – Which gives you daily rewards on 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th day in which you are given lots of coins, spins, xp and food but when you are not logged in even for a day, the rewards start from the 1st day.

2nd – Which Gives You Weekly Rewards Surprise Rewards are given on 8th 15th 22nd & 30th Day in which lots of Spins, Coins, Xp comes out. When you are not logged in even for a day, it doesn’t matter where you left off from the next day. Also on 30th day mystery box is given in reward.


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