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Coin Master brings daily events and tournaments to its users. Some are for a long time and some are for a short time. Gold Trade Event is also a small time event. This event lasts only a few hours.

As you know Gold Card cannot be traded but in this event you can trade two Gold Cards selected by Coin Master. Today I will give you all the information related to gold trade in this post as well or I will tell you now how to get gold card easily.

How to Trade Gold Card In Gold Trade Event

You can get both those gold cards very easily in the Gold Trade Event. First of all, search in the friend list. Contact your friends. Most people give this card for free.

If your friend does not have this card then you can use Facebook group. In many groups, you will see this card with some offers. If the gold card is normal, then you can also get it for free. 

In case of rare, you will have to give them some other cards instead of the gold card. You search in many groups and then contact the person who likes the offer. After completing his offer, he will give you a golden card.

There are many fake users on Facebook too. Also talk to the group admin before card transaction. By doing this you will be able to avoid being scammed.

Which Card To Give Instead Of Gold Card.

As you know how difficult it is to get gold cards. How many chest buys do you do for a gold card? Still he could not get the gold card. This is the reason why people demand another card instead of gold card. 

Gold Trade Event
Screenshot From Coin Master

There are many rare cards that have to be exchanged for the gold card. Including Martin Lettuce, Excalibur and Santa.

You are asked for 4 to 5 rare cards instead of one gold card. By the way, for which card you give how many cards. For this you can use Rare Cards Value List. Where you will get to know about the true value of a card.

Should We Replace Rare Cards With Gold Cards?

Yes, you should definitely take a gold card instead of rare cards. If that gold card is rare as well your card set needs that card. Then trade that card by giving some rare cards, you will get that card easily. But there is no guarantee that buying the chest will only yield your gold card. Make use of this deal.

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Value Of A Gold Card

The value of all gold cut is different. Some Gold cards are only obtained in exchange for 1 rare card. then some others are received in exchange for two or three cards for example Crusader for 5 Martin Lettuce, Archery Camp for 10 Martin Lettuce etc.

The value of the gold card also depends on the people. Some people take less rare card and some more. By the way, you must use the Facebook Group.

Also, search many groups where you find cheap offers and get that card from there. If you have a gold card in extra, then you can also trade that card by giving some offers.

If you have any information related to gold card or if you have any problem, then definitely write in the comment box.

How Can I Trade Gold Card?


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