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Balloon Frenzy Full Information

Balloon Frenzy is a small event in the coin master game that lasts for one to two hours. This event is seen two to three times daily. In this event, extra spins, coins, are given by popping the balloon. In this event you can win up to 1000 spins. In this post, I will give you complete information about this event.

How to play the Balloon Frenzy Event.

When you open the Coin Master game, if the balloon frenzy event is on then shows on the left side. When you start spins in the game, the balloons move upwards on your screen. All you have to do is tap the balloon with your finger so that you get extra spins and coins.

That extra spins add to your total spins. Five to ten balloons meet with at a time. Then after a couple of minutes the balloons start coming again. You can win at most 1000 spins in this balloon frenzy.

What to do when you see balloons?

To get the balloons to the screen, first of all you have to do the spins. After 30 seconds of playing the game you will have 5 to 10 balloon shows. Which will give you extra spins when popping.
If you don’t pop the balloons, then the balloon will go off the top of the screen and you won’t get any extra rewards.

So as you show the balloons, immediately pop it up. After popping 5 to 6 balloons after 2 minutes, 5 to 6 balloons will show in your screen again. These balloons will keep coming until your event is over. If you stop spins then the balloons will not show, so keep spins. 

My thoughts on Balloon Frenzy

I think the amount of spins you win in Balloon Frenzy is not much, but when getting extra spins for free, then the profit is the same. If you want to take advantage of this event properly, then play it in 1x. It will take some time but profit will be there. 

When you turn on the Coin Master Game and show this event, you must play it. Do not forget to pop the balloons or else the balloons will come out of the screen. If you need daily free spins, then please go to the post with free spins. I update daily free spins and coins for you guys.

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